Which RealCare Baby® do you have? Does your program need updating? How much would an update cost?
Use this short, interactive questionnaire to answer those questions and learn how you can improve the health of your RealCare Program. We look forward to working with you!
First, tell us about yourself:
First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
School/Organization Name:
Zip/Postal Code:
Now let's determine which types of Baby you have. (Aren't sure which Babies you have? Use this infographic to find out.)
Which version(s) of Baby do you currently have? Check all that apply.
Next, tell us how you program your Babies.
Which method do you currently use to program your Babies?
Now, tell us about your program:
What are your program goals?
What topics are you teaching (or do you plan to teach) with RealCare Baby?
How many students will be participating in RealCare Baby simulation experiences each semester?
If funding was not an issue, how many RealCare Baby 3 models would you like a quote for?
Would you like accessories with each RealCare Baby (car seat, diaper bag, blanket)?
Do you have any additional RealCare products?
If yes, what other RealCare products do you have?
Do you need any Product Support?
If yes, what kind of support help do you need?
Do you have any additional comments or concerns?
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