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Innovative learning tools for skills training

"When I walk around my classroom and monitor what kids are doing, I actually hear them talking about what’s on the pages and what was discussed in class, things that might happen at work, etc. It’s interesting to them and applicable to the real world.” 

- Jeri Lynn Benell
Agriculture Instructor, 
FFA Advisor & RealCareer™ Employability Skills Program User, 
Virgin Valley High School, Nevada 

Why choose Realityworks?

We offer innovative learning aids that give students hands-on experience and practical knowledge in:

  • Agriculture
  • Trade Skills
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Health Sciences

Curriculum is included. 

Each product comes with standards-based curriculum that includes presentation slides, student activities and assessment tools.

We partner with educators. 

We partner with educators, administrators and industry leaders to ensure our offerings meet their needs and make lessons truly meaningful.

Engaging and interactive for today’s learners. 

The 21st century learner craves real-time information. Our hands-on learning aids engage students with interactivity and real-life situations.

Customer Support. 

Webinars, warranties, trainings and our support team are here to help educators maximize their programs.

Training for high-demand, high-skilled, high-paying jobs

When we look at new tools to develop, we evaluate workforce requirements and the needs of today’s learners to determine how we can align our programs with educators’ goals. 

Our packages combine learning aids and resources for:

  • Agriculture
  • Trade Skills
  • Family & Consumer Sciences
  • Health Sciences
Unique learning aids + comprehensive curriculum

We bundled our learning tools and curriculum in convenient packages to help educators:

  • Implement meaningful, career-focused products and programs
  • Engage today’s students with hands-on experiences
  • Support, grow and expand their programs

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